Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google vs China - More at Stake for Authors Taryn Simpson and Alan Soloman

When I first heard about the tension between computer software giant, Google and China, I stopped what I was doing and thought about what this really means to me. One person in America. One of millions. I was struck with the oddest feeling and couldn't explain to others what it felt like. Which is another strange feeling for a writer.

The reason I was blindsighted is because my writing partner, Alan Solomon lives in China.

If Google decides to close operations in China, therein it closes shop for me and my partner as well. To hell with collaborating on a book (did I say that?) I would lose contact with Alan. Sure, I could write letters but it would in a sense, feel like sending smoke signals back and forth. It takes alot of time to send a letter, write a return response and send it back. For those Generation X and Y folks, the Boomers know all about letter writing before the computer information superhighway days. The delay in communication also would dull our collaboration.
In fact, I don't think we could do what we had done with The Mango Tree Cafe book.
Instant Messaging and lightening fast emails deep in the night in America spurred and inspired our writing. No doubt about it.
And, it conceived a novel that is spiritual, poigniant and memorable. The same as my friendship with Alan Solomon.

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