Saturday, March 13, 2010

Want a FREE Trip to Thailand?

While this post is a bit old, the idea still sounds unique and exciting doesn't it?  The only catch is that you shouldn't mind sitting in front of your laptop, because it will be the magic carpet taking you to your destination.

Whether you've always wanted to travel to Phuket and dig your toes into the surf of their pristeen beaches or travel into the busy and thriving city of Bangkok where ladyboys, street fare and clubbing is the entertainment of choice.  Travel from end of Thailand to the other.  One thing is for sure; you will find every type of geography here.  Miles of perfect beaches, beautiful turqoise and emerald waters as well as thick and heavy vegetated jungles in Chiang Mai that is still sparse enough to allow elephants roam and the rich eco-system exist peacefully.

And, at the end of this country, you will find that road.  The most Mystical Road in the World.  Some say you are forever changed once you venture down Loi Kroh Road.  I've only written about it, yet I feel it's effects halfway around the earth.