Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Legend of Loi Kroh Road

Loi Kroh Road - Chiang Mai, Thailand

The story goes that when King Mengrai the Great founded the city of Chiangmai in the year 1296, the superstitions of the East entered the city and lay in wait in the shadows of Loi Kroh Road where today, it is told, they still wait patiently. As planes land at Chiangmai airport, it is said that with every landing a fool steps off and enters Loi Kroh Road, never to be the same again or, in some cases, never to be seen again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some of the Reasons you Should Read the Novel "The Mango Tree Cafe"

The Book Trailer, Part I

What Some of the Reader are saying:
  • I bumped it up to 5. The book is incredible.
  • I really love the song and want to read this book. I know that it is going to be a real good story because the song and photos are real.
  • Hi! See that the novel is almost ready for press ..... are you planning a launch somewhere along Loi Kroh Road ??? ... or maybe at the Writer's Club in CM ???liked the trailer. My thoughts entirely about the street "mystical" .... Hope I'll get a chance to stop by and see you there before the end of the year.Now I'm in Spain the next 10 days, and then heading out to Thailand about 16th July for a month.Take care, Best regards, PAUL
    I can't wait to get hold of the book! Loved the song on the promo - Tom
  • Hey, this looks great! I will ask my bookshop for the novel
  • Taryn, the music is so good and the graphics are warm and inviting. Where do I line up for my ticket to take my walk onto Loi Kroh Road?
  • I see on the blog that one of the co-writers is a Kiwi! So am I...we are quite special eh/ Now answer me this, why is it that everytime I tune into youtube I am drawn to watching and listening to this has power!!
  • heck get this book into the shops ! Ihave this listed on my favorites!
  • Is this book available in Canada?I first visited Chiang Mai in 1992 and eventually ended up living there for about 5 years ,under trying circumstances,fund less,expired visa etc. These somewhat adverse conditions in which I found myself enabled me to see and know Chiang Mai as the average Falang never could.Many vivid memories and even through all of the adversity C.M still holds a special place in my heart.Cheers Chok Dee Kaap
  • Hi Writer4762I have read the book four times now, I have never read the same novel so many times as I have this one. It is great and new things are revealed on every read. I hope I see more from you two again. Wonderful story, full of real life, I think.
  • This video is exceptional and clearly depicts what you can expect from this read.
You can Purchase Your Copy of "The Mango Tree Cafe" here

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

About the Novel "The Mango Tree Cafe', Loi Kroh Road"


Imagine owning a restaurant near the jungles of Thailand that sits upon the most legendary mystical road in the world. Legend states that whomever walks upon Loi Kroh Road will be forever changed or shall never be seen or heard from again. In fact, the English translation of "Loi Kroh Road" is "Wash Your Bad Luck Away". Larry, the main character, is seductively lured to this world famous street to purchase this restaurant. The restaurant serves as a place where he observes world travelers such as himself as well as locals who discover their fate upon this historic road. He is on a journey to discover his mission in life as he is guided by a ghostly figure that appeared to him as a child. On his adventures, he comes face to face with his greatest fear, his lingering questions of mortality and his soul's lonely reflection.