Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Gift that Keeps Giving

Even though "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road" was written and published in 2007, it never fails to produce countless blog posts and articles. Why? Personally, I can tell you that co-writing that novel was a very pivotal time for my writing. The subject matter, the setting and the characters were such that I knew I it would stretch my writing muscle.

And after some comments from some readers, I think Author Alan Soloman and I achieved what we wanted with this novel.

Comments from Readers
"Did anyone ever tell you what a beautiful story this is?

I've actually just yelled at my mother for talking some kind of rubbish while I was trying to read. (poor thing) that's the thing with reading on screen, some books need to be held in comfort, lying in bed with a reading lamp until you are too tired to read on. A bookmark carefully placed where you left off. Nothing else is good enough for a story like this."

"The writing has a classic veneer. The prologue drops breadcrumbs along the way, back to Larry's unusual past. Plenty of description here, flows at a leisurely pace as if listening to a live master storyteller weaving a yarn."

"I could feel the tropical heat steaming off the pages. The intro is very literary, so well done, that for once I don't mind knowing how the main character ends up - well, I'm still hoping there's more of his fate, that how you've let his story then unfold will circle around. I've read all you've posted, and am intrigued to find out what happens - or has happened, to the farm, and to see him at the Mango Tree."

"I can never resist a story set in an exotic location such as Thailand – one of my favorite places in the world! This story has many excellent characters and twists and I found you both to be astute authors drawing your readers in with brilliantly crafted descriptions of places and personalities."

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